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..Pennington certainly gives a high-powered performance as the cranky and capricious monarch…

-Mail Online

…a powerful performance … And, at the centre, as there must be, is a superlative, well thought-out, emotionally compelling performance by Michael Pennington as the King.

-Plays To See

Michael Pennington’s Lear - spoken with immaculate clarity and charting with psychiatric precision the coming and going of the king’s mind

-New Statesman

…a culmination of a lifetime’s work - a pinnacle of a wonderful career on the stage…The production, however, truly belongs to Pennington, whose portrayal of the king who loses his mind is staggering in its mastery. He slips in and out of lucidity with alarming ease, and his quiet contemplations and momentary flashes of rage on the road to his ultimate downfall are exquisite in their execution. This truly is not a performance to be missed.

-The Review Hub

Pennington – who did not act, as such: he simply was Lear, navigating his way through the intense ravages of senility – of perhaps even Alzheimer’s: with its moments of grief; anger; lucidity; regret; forgetfulness; of rage against his very condition; seeming “to age thirty years” …

The Bard of Tysoe

…..This is the best kind of Shakespeare production: fresh, fast-paced, clearly spoken and splendidly acted…..Pennington, is an excellent Lear, clearly charting every stage of the king’s journey from spoilt autocrat to abject prisoner…

-The Sunday Express

His Lear is remarkable in its range of emotion… It’s a powerfully sculpted performance from a great classic actor.

-The Reviews Hub

…ever dependable and ever watchable theatre veteran Michael Pennington (one of our finest Shakespearean performers) stirring up a storm as his tyrannical ruler…here is an actor of quality giving a Shakespeare masterclass, with a strong voice, and an absolute understanding of the textPennington’s experience and attention to detail is the stand-out delight

-Mid Sussex Times

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King Lear is deep, it’s sad and it’s tragic - but this production is riveting, and a shining example of excellent British theatre. And in case I hadn’t made this clear: what an outstanding performance from Michael Pennington in the lead role of Lear.

-London Theatre, 10th May 2016, Chris Omaweng

King Lear

By William Shakespeare

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