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Single Spies

Alan Bennett

Rose Theatre, Kingston

25th September - 11th October 2014

The award-winning double bill - An Englishman Abroad and A Question of Attribution.

Sir Anthony Blunt

Michael Pennington

Guy Burgess

Alexander Hanson

Coral Browne

Helen Schlesinger


Alex Blake

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Steven Blake


Dario Coates


Thomas Coombes


Sarah Esdaile

As Blunt, Michael Pennington captures the passionate but often slightly vague quality of an academic..

-British Theatre Guide

…he has a sure command of the writing’s anecdotal shape and quality..

-What’s on Stage

Michael Pennington towers over the evening as Blunt, the perfect aristocratic mandarin, starchy, wary, examining every question before answering it.-

-The Arts Desk

Michael Pennington is excellent as the coolly composed Blunt

-Barnes Magazine

One of the great Shakespearean actors Michael Pennington plays Blunt and, uniquely, comes up with a human, vulnerable and even fragile version of Blunt.

-Morning Star

Pennington’s performance is brilliant, helped by his uncanny ability to seemingly age about 20 years every time he suspects Her Majesty knows more about him than she is letting on.

-Surrey Comet

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